Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

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In a world increasingly driven by visual content, businesses and individuals are constantly searching for the “best way to stand out” among a crowded field. A skilled team of graphic designers at 10gminds can help by providing thoughtful and effective graphic design solutions for businesses of all sizes — from individual to top corporate companies. 10gminds study the competition and evaluate how you can differentiate your company by adjusting your graphic design strategies. We are also proficient at what we do — don’t be surprised if we can complete a design project in a shorter time it would take for your internal team to complete. In the eyes of your customers, consistency is an important factor that is directly impacted by graphic design services. 10gminds can help you overcome — for example, by choosing consistent font sizes, colors and design attributes that keep the “look and feel” of your products and services one step (or more) ahead of the competition. Below you will find more details about how we can save you time and money while also improving the effectiveness of your graphic design services

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Design Your Brand Logo

One of the most strategic decisions for any business involves the initial selection or subsequent revision of their logo. We can help you at every step by creating a symbol that “works” by satisfying customers, media, suppliers and investors.Our teams are experts in Logo & Branding Development. We help our clients understand that brand identity and logo.

The logo is the face of any brand — the very first impression — so its design is extremely important.When executed correctly, a logo is a powerful asset to our client’s brand.However, creating an effective visual representation of a brand requires much more than just graphic design.Like any line of work that involves a set of specific skills, logo design requires plenty of practice and experience for it to be successful; knowledge is definitely power for any graphic designer.
For this reason, we have outlined 12 essential rules to follow in order to design an effective logo.

12 essential rules to follow in order to design an effective logo

To produce consistently high-quality logos, you need to develop your own design process, or “assembly line.” This should include the following steps:
• Research
• Brainstorm and generate ideas
• Preliminary sketches
• Develop vector designs
• Send to client
• Add or remove anything the client wants
• Finalize the design and resubmit to client

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Brand Identity Designs

Our design team helps you elevate your brand by perfecting the “message” communicated by design elements such as layouts, fonts and color palettes. We will pay attention to the smallest possible design detail.
Our branding designs ensure that your company is perceived with your unique and enduring brand identity. From the smallest font guideline, to the most forward facing logos, our brand identity design captures your audience’s imagination or let it fall flat. The right combination comes from a mix of research, creativity, and structure representing the distinctive you.
Regardless of whether you ultimately want to have designs for the web or mobile devices, in print for advertising, or internally on letterhead and PowerPoint presentations, our brand identity design touches every aspect. 10gminds brand identity specialists know exactly how to make use of the elements of research, creativity, and structure together to help your business make the most of their reputation.
10gminds Brand Identity Designers work closely with the researchers who analyze trends, styles, and your current competition. They incorporate the data into their designs with the best balance of creativity and structure that transcends both digital and traditional design. The result is a prominent reputation that places your brand as an industry leader.