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Why do you need digital marketing services?

Reach your audience with digital marketing tools, social media and SEO services.

Businesses are going digital and online to reach new segments and increase their customer experience, customer retention, and revenue. Yet, many companies are still struggling to hit the sweet spot due to a lack of a consistent online presence and branding. 

Digital Marketing is not just about having a website, creating social media accounts, and spending hefty amounts on advertisements. Digital marketing is more about understanding your business objective, audience, and preferences and crafting customized messaging.

Search engine optimization

Website SEO services company in Vizag

Having a website is just blocking your space on the web. But its optimization matters a lot to position your business in front of your potential customers. When was the last you optimized your website? Is your website optimized well enough to reach your target audience?

If you are unsure, let 10gminds handle your website optimization. 10gMinds has been a leading and cost-effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services provider in Vizag since 2014. We are a top player offering the best SEO services in Vizag for all small and mid-size enterprises thriving for success. 

Our SEO strategy:

SEO is a long-term strategy that can help you build consistent brand presence and authority in the long run. We at 10gMinds, a team of SEO experts, work dedicatedly to ensure high organic and right traffic to improve engagement and conversions. We follow the “ABC formula” to build custom SEO strategies.

Acquisition: Leveraging all on-page & off-page optimization methodologies to reach potential customers locally & globally.

Building relations: We deliver the best customer experience through our responsive and interactive designs, and content.

Conversions: We personalize website content, so your customer’s buying cycle will become shorter, and business conversions will be high.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis for SEO, PPC and content marketing

Competator Analysis

Find out who your competitors are and where they rank in search results, so you can stay ahead of the game.

Link Building

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks to a website from other websites.

Reporting & Analysis

we will send Weekly , monthly and yearly analysis and reports

Google adwords

More Leads with google ads

Google ads are an inexpensive and efficient way to advertise a product. Google ads can be purchased for as little as $0.01 per click, offering businesses a number of ways to leverage their advertising budget. They can show up in the form of text ads on the right hand side of the search engine results page or they can show up in sponsored search results.

“Google Ads are an effective way to reach your desired audience.”

Social media optimization

Social Media Marketing

These days, social media marketing is a marketing strategy that cannot be ignored. Many organizations are turning to social media to promote their brands and create connections with their customers.

The following are some of the most popular social media networks in use today: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc…

Explore Your Brand with Digital marketing

Email marketing is a popular method that companies use to stay in touch with their customers. This can be done by sending them promotions, discounts and coupons.

Landing pages are pages on a website that is designated for a specific product or service. Landing pages typically includes a form, link to the product, and other details about the offer.

There are many use cases for mobile marketing - from personalisation of in-app content to location-based marketing that targets people based on the area they are visiting.

With the rise of the internet, lead generation has become a key part of marketing. A company receives a lead when someone downloads a brochure, fills out a form, or provides their contact information in any other way.

Content marketing is the heart of digital marketing, but today’s marketers need more than just a strategy and some fresh ideas. Creative content get best right leads

YouTube is one of the best platforms for marketing and advertising your product or brand. With its 2 billion active users, you can reach a huge part of your target audience by using YouTube Marketing.

Why Choose us

Digital Experience

We have experts who know all about SEO, social media, PPC and everything related. Our team will help you no matter what your needs are – be it small-scale or large-scale campaigns.

For startups and growing businesses, an online specialist can develop a digital marketing plan to help you grow.

Your digital consultant will also be able to kickstart campaigns and maximise your marketing budget.

We are a group of digital marketing experts with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We are passionate about what we do.